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Hyena Fanatics
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12th-Aug-2010 05:30 am - Hello All!
I'm new here and have been reading some of the posts before deciding to include one of my own.  Wow, what a great community!!  I loved the hyena pics, vids, etc.  Awesome.  I'm a spotted hyena therian and am glad to be in a group that takes my hyenakin to heart like you all do.  Has anyone read that book "What The Hyena Knows" yet?  I'm going to start looking for it at the libraries here in Tampa.  I'm not usually much of a mystery reader, but hey...if it's got a hyena in it, I'll give it a try.  :)  

I hope to be posting some hyena pics on my profile soon.  I've got tons of them from Busch Gardens where they have a gorgeous spotted hyena named Eeyore.  They used to have one named Mouse but he passed away last year from old age.  I've heard they've gotten a couple new, younger spotteds, but I haven't been lucky enough yet to catch them when they've had them out.  

FYI, in case anybody is interested, the Lowry Park Zoo here in Tampa has a few striped hyenas.  I've seen them and photographed them, also, and they're beautiful.  Spotteds are my favourites, of course, but I love any and all hyenas in general.  

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi and post here.  I hope to see more posts in the future and include more of mine as well.  :)

Beach Hyena 
19th-Jan-2010 02:22 am - Прекрасная до жути
вроцлав, гном
Пятнистая гиена (Crocuta crocuta)
Spotted hyena

Берлинский Тирпарк Фридрихсфельде (Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde)
28th-Nov-2009 05:36 am - Hyaena brunnea
вроцлав, гном
Hyaena brunnea
Brown hyaena

Zoological Garden Prague
Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde
3rd-Sep-2009 12:00 pm - Hyaena in Rostov zoo
вроцлав, гном

Hyaena hyaena
Striped hyaena

Rostov-on-Don  zoo
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